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17-February-2019 - MOD Pizza, El Cerrito Plaza, El Cerrito, California

donated 49 photos & 3 videos to google maps via the google local guide program

17-February-2019.  Donated 49 photographs and 3 videos to Google Maps via the Google Local Guide program. February 17, 2019 to present. Places photographed to date for the Google Local…

200pockets - http://www.200pockets.com

* [video] you think by jeremy hill

15-June-2018. Remembering San Francisco artist Jeremy Hill. Miss him. <3 what he left for us.

* [video ] seasons of love – RENT (2008 broadway cast)

<3. Seasons of Love (Reunion Version) – RENT (2008 Broadway Cast)

* [video] marjory stoneman douglas high school students perform at the 2018 tony Awards

10-June-2018. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Students Perform At The 2018 Tony Awards

VIDEO: 10-year-old Fairfield boy shows appreciation to law enforcement on Thanksgiving

Source – kron4.com/2016/11/23/video-10-year-old-fairfield-boy-shows-appreciation-to-law-enforcement-on-thanksgiving/

video – coming home (heathrow airport)

12-June-2013 - John Nash @Aloft Hotel, Millbrae, CA

@youtube – photo slideshow of john nash & francesca lee @aloft hotel

1-July-2013. Created a video photo slideshow of John Nash and Francesca Lee in concert at the wxyz lounge at the Aloft Hotel, 401 East Millbrae Avenue, Millbrae, California….

22-June-2013 - Deux K 30 @Down Home Music, El Cerrito, CA

@youtube – video photo slideshow of deux k “30” – black over coat

30-June-2013. Created a video photo slideshow of Deux K “30” set to their song Black Over Coat. Photographs used: 22-June-2013 – @Down Home Music, El Cerrito, California. YouTube…


@youtube – hotel utah open mic video photoslideshow, 24-june-2013

29-June-2013. Video photo slideshow of the Hotel Utah Open Mic, 24-June-2013 created and uploaded to YouTube. Includes photographs of Michael Beese, Brendan Getzell, Todd Shipley, GG Tanaka, Dave…

acknowledged 3rd party content – i love you from here by john nash

10-June-2013. Learning a lot about song licensing & YouTube. Licensed a song from FriendlyMusic.com. Issued a personal license. Attached the song to a YouTube video and uploaded it….


created a youtube video for john nash’s song – i love you from here

9-June-2013. Created a YouTube video for songwriter John Nash’s song – I love you from here. YouTube URL: http://youtu.be/416f4nzP_H8 Purchase this song @CDBaby – https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/johnnash John Nash online…

extraordinary >> ‘As I Am’: From the Streets of South Memphis to the White House and Back Again

‘As I Am’: From the Streets of South Memphis to the White House and Back Again Source: http://lightbox.time.com/2013/03/21/as-i-am-from-the-streets-of-south-memphis-to-the-white-house-and-back-again/#ixzz2OC7naF6m “This, their first collaboration, helped form the foundation of the…