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200pockets - http://www.200pockets.com

*comments – what people are saying (2013)

26-OCTOBER-2013 – BRUCE CAMPBELL (THE HOPEFUL ROMANTICS) What a pleasure it was to have the chance to chat with you & be able to tell you to your…

3-August-2013 - Wedding of Tera Masters & Todd Shipley

created a youtube video using photographs from the wedding of tera masters & todd shipley

28-August-2013.  … Created a YouTube video (13:48 min) using photographs from the wedding of Tera Masters and Todd Shipley.  Soundtrack: John Herberman. http://youtu.be/i_I7A6eD2Sc Soundtrack: Lost and Found by…

3-August-2013 - Wedding of Todd Shipley & Tera Masters

processed & edited 450+ wedding photographs – todd & tera shipley

photographed the wedding of tera masters & todd shipley in tandem with brian tabisaura

3-August-2013.  Photographed the wedding of Tera Masters & Todd Shipley in tandem with photographer Brian Tabisaura (https://www.facebook.com/tabisaura)


@youtube – hotel utah open mic video photoslideshow, 24-june-2013

29-June-2013. Video photo slideshow of the Hotel Utah Open Mic, 24-June-2013 created and uploaded to YouTube. Includes photographs of Michael Beese, Brendan Getzell, Todd Shipley, GG Tanaka, Dave…


updated singer/songwriter todd shipley’s website

28-June-2013. Updated singer/songwriter Todd Shipley’s website. New photographs from his performance at the Hotel Utah Saloon, San Francisco, California on June 24, 2013. Artist website – http://www.toddshipley.com


photographed todd shipley @the hotel utah open mic, san francisco

  24-June-2013.  Photographed songwriter Todd Shipley (feature performer) @The Hotel Utah Open Mic with host Brendan Getzell.  Superb performance.  Superb turnout. Hotel Utah Open Mic w/host Brendan Getzell,…


updated todd shipley’s website

17-June-2013. Added upcoming show to singer/songwriter Todd Shipley’s website. http://www.toddshipley.com Next show – Monday, June 24, 2013 – Feature performer at the Hotel Utah Open Mic, San Francisco…

Protected: updated the about webpage at 200pockets.com. a long overdue update

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added social networking icons to http://www.toddshipley.com

24-January-2013.  Added social networking icons to http://www.toddshipley.com. Amazon CD Baby Facebook iTunes MySpace Twitter  

uploaded to youtube – the attracted, todd shipley (audience), lonesome locomotive @50 mason social house