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24-Oct-2019 - sleemusic.com

stephanie lee (bass & violin)

STEPHANIE LEE (Bass & Violin) http://www.sleemusic.com

2013 - Stephanie Lee

received a very generous donation & a kind acknowledgement from jazz bassist & rock violinist stephanie lee

8-August-2019.  Received a very generous donation & a kind acknowledgement from jazz bassist Stefanie Lee.

Consensual Bop - Lullaby of Birdland - http://youtu.be/5aVp14hj0Qo

*created a video photoslideshow for san francisco jazz quartet – consensual bop

16-June-2013. Created a video photo slideshow of San Francisco jazz quartet – Consensual Bop. Recording: Lullaby of Birdland. Consensual Bop – Andre Custodio, Stephanie Lee, Mark Secosh <…


*reworked a consensual bop photograph to a square format

artist/venue web pages updated at 200pockets.com

1-August-2012. Artist/venue web pages updated at 200pockets.com. 525 Fourth Street, San Francisco – http://www.200pockets.com/projects/525FourthStreet/intro.html Consensual Bop – http://www.200pockets.com/projects/consensualbop/intro.html Andre Custodio – http://www.200pockets.com/projects/andrecustodio/intro.html Mark Secosh – http://www.200pockets.com/projects/marksecosh/intro.html Gil Cohen…

stephanie lee signs a release w/200pockets.com + generous donation

28-July-2012.  Violinist/bassist Stephanie Lee of the Terese Taylor Band and Consensual Bop signs a release with 200pockets.com.  Kind words for what I do + a most generous donation…

designed a new facebook header for jazz quintet consensual bop

19-July-2012. Designed a new Facebook header for San Francisco jazz quintet Consensual Bop. URL – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Consensual-Bop/205899032780235

uploaded consensual bop video w/soundtrack to vimeo

Consensual Bop – San Francisco Jazz from 200pockets on Vimeo.

photographed terese taylor band (w/andre custodio) @the hotel utah, san francisco