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Bassist Rob McCloskey

* honoured that bassist rob mccloskey shares a 200pockets.com image from 4 years ago

Awoke to learn that bassist Rob McCloskey has shared a 200pockets.com image from 4 years ago. Honoured.

200pockets - http://www.200pockets.com

robby mac of letstouchbass.com

29-August-2013.  Received the nicest of notes from bassist Rob McCloskey (Robby Mac) – Dear Bridget, If you go to my website letstouchbass.com it has, well, many photos, vids…

photographed dave gursom, sonic boomerang @the fireside lounge, alameda, california

2-November-2012 – Photographed Dave Gursom, Sonic Boomerang (Allene Rohrer, Michael Hanna, Rob McCloskey/Robby Mac, Peter Tucker) @The Fireside Lounge, Alameda, California.