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Organizations who have outstanding requests for letters or promote letter writing. Article – 4 Reasons to Incorporate Letter Writing In Your Life Article – 7 Reasons We Should…

article – Heart to Hand to Pen and Paper: Corinth Letter Society Revives a Sadly Neglected, Yet Graceful Practice

A charming article about the residents of a small town in Vermont that has embraced handwritten letters. https://www.vnews.com/leters-mackie-091518-20148389  By Dan Mackie  For the Valley News [ Valley News, 24 Interchange…

2016 letter to my friend Manasseh Bernal

* hand delivered a 2016 letter to my friend manasseh bernal

  28-April-2018.  Hand-delivered a 2016 letter to my friend Manasseh Bernal.  Never mailed, but heartfelt.

article – letter writing once an art, now lying defunct

11-October-2017.  “People used to wait for a postman to receive the letter from their loved ones. People used to write letters to each other, informing about their sorrows…

Operation Gratitude - https://www.operationgratitude.com/

operation gratitude – saying “thank you” to all who serve

Operation Gratitude – Write Letters to our nation’s heroes! Thank you for your interest in writing letters to our nation’s heroes! We like to include at least 5…

Writing case

my portable writing case

My portable writing case which accompanies me daily. The wooden chest was purchased from a local craft store, then adorned with charms which provoke thought and inner conversation….

20-December-2016 - Pen to paper: thank you letters to our campus IT technicians

*pen to paper – wrote letters to our campus IT department to thank them for their service

20-December-2016.  Put pen to paper to thank campus IT technicians for their service.