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2016 letter to my friend Manasseh Bernal

* hand delivered a 2016 letter to my friend manasseh bernal

  28-April-2018.  Hand-delivered a 2016 letter to my friend Manasseh Bernal.  Never mailed, but heartfelt.

20-December-2016 - Pen to paper: thank you letters to our campus IT technicians

kqed perspectives – the lost art of the thank you note

The Lost Art of the Thank You Note A thank you note is a talisman of appreciation for another person. Simple, yet powerful . In my classroom, we…

Farewell to a colleague

putting pen to paper – farewell to a colleague

16-February-2017.  Today I bid farewell to a colleague at work.  A kind woman who is held in great admiration by our staff, students and faculty.  Moving to Michigan…