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* [video] you think by jeremy hill

15-June-2018. Remembering San Francisco artist Jeremy Hill. Miss him. <3 what he left for us.

Protected: (dead kennedys) – klaus flouride/geoffrey vinton lyall – a statement to be published upon my death

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Alex Winer, 2009

found a photograph of alex winer on myspace

      28-April-2016.  While reviewing and deleting photographs on MySpace.com; I discovered this wonderful 2009 photograph of singer/songwriter Alex Winer.  As his brother James maintains a memorial…

Hotel Utah Open Mic - http://theutah.org

performers of the hotel utah open mic

  23-March-2016 – Those no longer with us.  Never forgotten. Jeremy Hill Dougal Hayes / Rich Hubbard Eugene Merker Alex Weiner Mikie Lee Prasad Kyle Leslie / Versakyle…

** a dream awake – for katie marie walters (1993-2013) by rosemary davies, chatham college, class of 2016

15-April-2013.  Bonae Memoriae (Latin.  Of Happy Memory).  A memorial photoslideshow. A Dream Left Awake – For Katie Marie Walters. By Rosemary Davies (http://www.poparu.com), Chatham College (http://www.chatham.edu), Class of…

learned of the death of artist/singer/songwriter dougal hayes/rich hubbard

16-November-2012 – Learned of the death of artist/singer/songwriter Dougal Hayes/Rich Hubbard.

created a memorial photo slideshow – “remembering scott eugene merker, 1976-2012”

Hotel Utah Open Mic, San Francisco

a kind comment from rich hubbard/dougal hayes

  21-JULY-2010 – RICH HUBBARD There’s no one else I know, Bridget (though that knowledge comes more from the volume of loving information you produce here than the…

17-March-2008 - Kyle Lesley @The Hotel Utah Open Mic, San Francisco, California

# kyle lesley @the hotel utah open mic, san francisco

  17-March-2008 – Kyle Lesley @The Hotel Utah Open Mic, San Francisco, California.