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26-August-2018 - Honoured by Andre Custodio

honoured by andre custodio

July 2018 - Making custom buttons for Fleeting Trance and Consensual Bop

making custom buttons for fleeting trance & consensual bop

  24-July-2018. Beginning to make custom buttons for indie band Fleeting Trance (with Manny Bernal) and jazz ensemble Consensual Bop – both of whom have upcoming shows.

31-July-2018 - Andre Custodio sound performance

july 31, 2018 – andre custodio sound performance @orson’s belly, san francisco, california

  2-July-2018.  An opportunity to see Oakland-based artist Andre Custodio in concert. “A rare appearance by yours truly [Andre] performing electronic sounds of an experimental nature. It is…

26-June-2018 - Consensual Bop box

“Who needs FB with friends like this?”

26-June-2018.  Another very sweet comment from Andre Custodio. Who needs FB with friends like this?

26-June-2018 - Consensual Bop box

“This is seriously blowing my mind right now. Love you, Bridget”

26-June-2018.  A most kind comment from Andre Custodio of Consensual Bop. This is seriously blowing my mind right now. Love you, Bridget.

26-June-2018 - Consensual Bop box

made a merchandise/display box for jazz group consensual bop

26-June-2018.  Put together a display box for my friends André Clayton Custodio , Mark Secosh , Bob & Dan – who are members of the jazz group Consensual Bop. Box found at Goodwill, added…

25-March-2017 - Consensual Bop in studio, Oakland, California

consensual bop

ARTIST ONLINE Website – http://consensualbop.weebly.com/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/cbopjazz/ On Gigmasters – https://www.gigmasters.com/jazz-band/consensual-bop UPCOMING & PAST SHOWS SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2018 – An opportunity to see Oakland-based jazz group Consensual Bop!  In…

Consensual Bop

consensual bop

9-November-2017. #discover Consensual Bop.  Andre Custodio (drums), Dan Keller (bass), Bob Johns (keyboards), Mark Secosh (saxophone). Website – http://consensualbop.weebly.com/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/cbopjazz/ On Gigmasters – https://www.gigmasters.com/jazz-band/consensual-bop

Andre Custodio of Consensual Bop

honoured that drummer andre custodio has selected a 200pockets.com photo as a facebook profile image

  18-September-2017.  Honoured that Oakland drummer Andre Custodio has selected a 200pockets.com photograph as a Facebook profile image. Artist online – Andre Custodio (website) – http://andrecustodio.weebly.com/ Andre Custodio (Facebook)…

organizing 188gb of data

11-September-2017.  Software installation and updates to my Surface Book laptop. 12-September-2017 – Copied 188GB of “data to be organized” to my Surface Book for reviewing, sorting & deleting…

20-August-2017 - Andre Custodio of giantQUIET

uploaded full resolution images of andre custodio from 8/20/2016 giantQUIET band rehearsal

11-September-2017, 10:40pm.  Uploaded full resolution images of Andre Custodio (drummer) to my website server.  From a 8/20/2016 photoshoot of a giantQUIET band rehearsal.  In support of Andre’s new…

March 2017 - Andre Custodio (Consensual Bop)

uploaded full resolution images of andre custodio from a 3/25/2017 photoshoot

11-September-2017, 10:00pm.  Uploaded a set of black and white photos of drummer Andre Custodio from a March 2017 photoshoot to my website for client download.  He is working…