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a poem by leonard cohen which resonates with me

21-October-2016 Berkeley, California While running errands, I heard the end of an interview – Terry Gross (NPR) and Leonard Cohen. I used to be your favorite drunk, good…

“everyone wins but nothing is risked” – henry rollins

Source – Henry Rollins: Why I Refuse to Shut Up and Play the Hits June 30, 2016.  http://www.laweekly.com/music/henry-rollins-why-i-refuse-to-shut-up-and-play-the-hits-7086980 I think I understand playing the hits, even without all…

January 2015 - Dead Kennedys on tour

admire a fan willing to speak the truth – dead kennedys touring band – “bitter, old & broke”

2-February-2016.  A sad but true statement/commentary on the Dead Kennedys touring band.  Wish I could disagree.  Admire the fan who is unafraid to post publicly. Cornelious Jerome Garcia…