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release forms

Request release forms by emailing me at bridgetcanfield@gmail.com. – Model release form (for adults) – – Property release form – venues, locations, instruments   – Addendum for Hotel Utah (San Francisco)…

2-March-2013 - Self portrait at the Stork Club, Oakland, California

thank you for your support – the patrons of 200pockets.com

  The 200pockets.com editorial photography archive relies solely on donations.  I am grateful to all those who have supported the archive over the years. 2019 January 1, 2019…

Fleeting Trance @Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco (2013)

honoured that fleeting trance has chosen a 200pockets.com image as their facebook profile image

9-March-2017 – Awoke to learn that Fleeting Trance has selected a 200pockets.com image as their Facebook profile image.   Thank you Manasseh Bernal.  You are most kind.

2-Sept-2013 - Danny White, Brian Walker

*a kind remembrance of yesteryear

Remembrance of yesteryear – Danny White, Brian Walker (2013) Honoured that musician Danny White selected a 200pockets.com photograph from September 2013 for his Facebook profile image.

Tao Jones & The Drones - http://www.tao-jones.com

updated the website of singer/songwriter tao jones

14-December-2013. Updated the website of singer/songwriter Tao Jones. Website –  http://www.tao-jones.com Added editorial photographs from December 14, 2013 show at the Penngrove Pub.  New opening sequence & new…

19-Nov-2013 - Received an invitation to purchase Google Glass

2nd visit to google glass basecamp in san francisco

28-December-2013.  1pm.  Second visit to Google Glass base camp in San Francisco to hopefully get Glass properly working and paired.

Tao Jones and The Drones - http://www.tao-jones.com

updated the website of tao jones and the drones

24-December-2013. Updated the website of singer/songwriter Tao Jones and his band The Drones. Band website – http://www.tao-jones.com Added news item Removed (5) photographs from the website gallery.

6-Dec-2013 - Sweet Treats Holiday Blues Stroll, Winters, California

honoured that a 200pockets.com photograph was used for the sweet treats holiday blues stroll, winters, california

6-December-2013. Honoured that a 200pockets.com photograph was used for the Sweet Treats Holiday Blues Stroll at Rootstock in Winters, California. https://www.facebook.com/events/552997168124560/

11-Nov-2013 - At the Hotel Utah Open Mic, San Francisco, California

honoured that san francisco songwriter helena anya zeitgeist selects a 200pockets.com photograph for her facebook profile

28-November-2013.  Honoured that San Francisco songwriter Helena Anya Zeitgeist selects a 200pockets.com photograph for her Facebook profile image. Helena Anya Zeitgeist – https://www.facebook.com/anya.zeitgeist

4-Jan-2013 - Fleeting Trance @Café Du Nord, San Francisco, CA

new show just announced! – fleeting trance @cafe du nord, san francisco

28-November-2013. New show just announced! Oakland based indie band Fleeting Trance to perform at Café Du Nord, San Francisco, California. Fleeting Trance – http://www.fleetingtrance.com Fleeting Trance is the…

200pockets - http://www.200pockets.com

article – how to develop your first google glass app

http://geeknizer.com/develop-google-glass-app/ Google Glass Playground (for testing) – https://developers.google.com/glass/tools-downloads/playground

black over coat by deux k 30/kevin radley/keith jordan

… on this Thanksgiving eve, I am thankful that in 2013 I by chance got to meet & discover the extraordinarily talented Kevin Radley (poet, storyteller, patron, artist, composer, musician)….