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THE ORIGIN OF 200POCKETS A modern interpretation of the Friedrich Nietzche quote – “The day’s length.  If a man has a great deal to put in them, a…

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9-November-2013 - Self portrait - Bridget Canfield

bridget canfield, 53

9-November-2013.  Self-portrait.  Canon 5D 12.2mp dSlr w/50mm f1.4.

4-October-2013 - Self portrait. @home

self portrait, 53

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wow! to be mentioned in brendan getzell’s weekly hotel utah open mic e-newsletter!

Greetings from Terminal 1 at LAX! I’ve been in the greater Los Angeles area since Wednesday morning (on official non-rockstar-life business), and I’m thoroughly looking forward to returning…

2-March-2013 - Self portrait at the Stork Club, Oakland, California

bridget canfield, 53

2-March-2013 – Self portrait @The Stork Club, Oakland, California.

incorporated wordpress into 200pockets.com

17-January-2010.  Incorporated a WordPress blog into the 200pockets.com website through Network Solutions.   Liked the tumblr and squarespace format, but I would later learn that WordPress was a free option with my…

30-July-2007 - Self portrait, Bridget Canfield, Canon 5D camera w/f1.4 lens

bridget canfield, 47