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21-Feb-2018 - Canon PowerShot N camera, Creative Filter setting. Artificial flower.

“you have such a unique heart”

27-July-2019.  A kind comment from a friend from yesteryear. I will always remember your beautiful offer to go with me to LA and meet with her. You have…

notre dame du haute, ronchamp

In spring 1950, Le Corbusier, encouraged by his friend Maurice Jardot and despite his reluctance, came on to the hill. The surrounding landscapes and the history of the…

25-July-2019 - Button making supplies arrive

button making supplies arrive

25-July-2019.  Button making supplies arrive!  Looking forward to making custom 1″ buttons for CBOP, Fleeting Trance & Sin Silver. CBOP (Consensual Bop)– Oakland jazz group website –…

release forms

Request release forms by emailing me at – Model release form (for adults) – – Property release form – venues, locations, instruments   – Addendum for Hotel Utah (San Francisco)…

21-July-2018 - Making buttons

purchased $219.54 of button making supplies – a good investment as it benefits many

19-July-2019.  Purchased $219.54 of 1″ button making supplies.  A good investment as it benefits many.

21-June-2019 - Bridget Canfield - self portrait @59. Camera: Olympus TG-2


THE ORIGIN OF 200POCKETS A modern interpretation of the Friedrich Nietzche quote – “The day’s length.  If a man has a great deal to put in them, a…

18-July-2019 - Making custom buttons for Fleeting Trance & Sin Silver - a gift in support of local artists

making custom buttons for fleeting trance & sin silver – a gift in support of local artists in our midst

18-July-2019. Making custom buttons for Manasseh Bernal (of Fleeting Trance) & Sin Silver. A gift in support of local artists in our midst.

4-July-2018 - Che Prasad of the Shark Alley Hobos @USS Hornet, Alameda, California

“amazing photos of Mikie in his prime!” – Che Prasad

15-July-2019.  A comment from Che Prasad of Shark Alley Hobos. Dear Bridget, those are some amazing photos of Mikie in his prime! Thanks you so much for sharing…

Protected: download 2008 photos of mikie lee prasad

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my wish list & a list of things i must get done

things I must do ….. Get my estate in order & have a will. Article – Steps to writing a will – / / Clean my house…

20-June-2013 - Derivative image

* comments – what people are saying (2019)

15-JULY-2019 – CHE PRASAD (SHARK ALLEY HOBOS) Dear Bridget, those are some amazing photos of Mikie in his prime! Thanks you so much for sharing those. My parents…

15-June-2018 - Manasseh Bernal (Fleeting Trance) @Rigger's Loft Winery, Point Richmond, California

looking forward to helping manasseh bernal design a new website

10-July-2019.  Communicating with Manasseh Bernal on designing a new website for him.  The email module of his current web hosting company – Dynamod is no longer supported.  Recommending…