photo policy for music images

Written by 200pockets
Klaus Flouride's 1966 Fender Jazz Bass. Photo courtesy editorial photography archive
Klaus Flouride’s 1966 Fender Jazz Bass. Photo courtesy editorial photography archive photo policy for music images

Photo usage is determined solely by signed releases (adult model release -and/or- property releases) on file with

Mindful of the legal constraints of media photography with a sensitivity to meeting the needs of artists, musicians, venues, fans and media.


All music photographs by can be used free of charge for editorial use (to educate & inform; illustrate a story).

  • Examples of editorial use: accompanying newsworthy articles, website photo gallery, social networking profile photos,

Under specific circumstances, photographs can be authorized and approved for commercial use (to promote, sell, advertise or endorse).  This requires – signed adult model releases for ALL those depicted in the photograph + a signed property release + US $30 fee.  IF lacks solely a property release, it is possible that the image will be released WITH guidance at no change.

NOTE: Photographs taken at the Hotel Utah Saloon, San Francisco – require separate negotiation with the venue if the photographs are to be used in a film, video or video clip.

  • Examples of commercial use  CD cover, business card, crowdfunding campaigns, t-shirts, merchandise, website banner,


Any individual who has  been found to abuse or disregard the photo policy will be subject to removal from the photo archive.

Photo usage policy subject to change without notice.