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A modern interpretation of the Friedrich Nietzche quote –

“The day’s length.  If a man has a great deal to put in them, a day will have a hundred pockets.” – Human All Too Human: A Book for Free Spirits by Friedrich Nietzche


Me, myself & I  :: The end of life journal & editorial photography portfolio of Bridget Canfield (b. 1960).


Inspired by the Stanford University Letter Writing Project.   For more information about the Stanford University Letter Writing Project …….

Deep reflection about life experiences & important relationships cultivated over the course of my lifetime.


In support of community & family.

  • BENEFICENTIA :: ACTS OF KINDNESS + PHILANTHROPY … random acts of kindness, editorial photography, donations of photographs to Google Maps (via their Google Local Guide program), writing letters to service men (Operation Gratitude), donating food to those in need,
  • EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY – … policy, will you photograph my event?
    • 1981-1989 – Half-frame photography
    • 1990-1995 – Farm photography – California, New Zealand, Kentucky
    • 1999-2002 – eBay auction photography
    • 2005-2013 – Live music photography – specializing in low light, non-flash digital photography using a full sensor dSlr camera
    • 2011-2012 – Hospice pet photography
    • 2011-present – Photography in support of community.  [ multimedia photo essayist ] = “one who embarks on an assignment knowing that she is going to tell a story through a series of pictures that will be viewed together and will cumulatively tell the story in a photo essay.” – the creative photographer by j.ingledew.  
  • INVENIO :: DISCOVER ….. highlighting artists, people & places in our midst ….
  • DEATH CLEANING …. so as not to burden my family with things they do not need or wish to have; conversations about what to keep and what should be sold or be gifted … a process
    • Swedish death cleaning = “Once you reach the end of middle age, you get rid of all the stuff you’ve accumulated that you don’t need anymore — so that no one else has to do it for you after you pass.”


I do not charge for my photography or custom buttons.  Donations are optional, welcome & much appreciated if you can afford to do so.   Donations help me pay for expenses such as –   

  • Button making supplies
    • 6/25/2016 – Purchased (2000) Tecre 1″ pin back button machine parts, US $126.00
    • 07/2018 – Purchased (1000) Tecre 1″ inch pin back button supplies, US $58.00
  • Font files
  • Transportation costs – Gasoline for travel, tolls
  • Software purchases & upgrades
    • 2017 – Upgrade to PhotoDex + plugin purchases
  • Website hosting –
    • $140 per year
  • WordPress.org PRO templates
  • WordPress.org PRO plug-ins
    • 03/05/2018 – Purchased a PRO license for Supsystic WordPress plugin – US $29.00
    • 07/29/2018 – Purchased a PRO license for Supsystic WordPress plugin – US $29.00

Should you choose to donate, I accept donations via PayPal or by cheque.

Many – from artists to family members of musicians have donated ($5 and up) since 2006. I am grateful to all those who have become patrons of 200pockets.com.


  • SOFTWARE – Adobe PhotoShop CS4, Photoshop Elements, Bibble 5,
  • DIGITAL CAMERAS – Autographer, 2005 Canon 5D full frame dSLr, Canon N, 2013 Google Glass, GoPRO Hero, Olympus TG-2, Panasonic/Lumix LX-1
  • LENS – Canon 50mm f1.4, 24-105mm L f4


Thank you to ALL who have encouraged me as I have pursued my photography.  Grateful.

Thank you … Ted Falconi, Bruce Loose, Stephen De Pace, Krist Novoselic (Flipper), R. Wellington, Mike Watt (Iggy Pop & The Stooges), DH Peligro (Dead Kennedys) … the artists of the San Francisco music scene – Andy Mason, JJ Schultz, Brendan Getzell, Andre Custodio, Manny Bernal (Fleeting Trance), Lee Austin Hoffman, Lonnie Lazar, Bob Scott, Nina Jo Smith, Greg Oliva, Matt Herman, Palefighter, Tao Jones, Lawrence Genova, Roger Rocha, GG Tanaka, Tiki Houseman, Dan Mueller.

I am fortunate that many find my photographic output pleasing and choose to use the images in accordance with my photo usage policy.  I was a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and Editorial Photographers (2009) to understand and comply with the legal constraints of media photography.  I am a law abiding photographer.

Yes, that’s me.  I photographed the Hotel Utah Open Mic from November 2006 to 2010.

The Hotel Utah Open Mic photographs can be viewed online at http://theutah.org

bridgetcanfield@gmail.com -or- PO Box 7016, Berkeley, California 94707


2-March-2013 - Self portrait at the Stork Club, Oakland, California
2-March-2013 – Self portrait at the Stork Club, Oakland, California