15-April-2013.  Bonae Memoriae (Latin.  Of Happy Memory).  A memorial photoslideshow.

  • A Dream Left Awake – For Katie Marie Walters.
  • By Rosemary Davies (http://www.poparu.com), Chatham College (http://www.chatham.edu), Class of 2016.
  • Soundtrack: Lost and Found by John  Herberman (http://www.johnherberman.com).
  • Soundtrack licensed from Shockwave-Sound of Norway.  Standard license, synchronization license, master use license & mechanical rights purchased/obtained.

Dear Captain Katie,

I attended your memorial service today. Here are my restless, lingering thoughts in a poem accompanied by photos.

For Katie Marie Walters (1993-2013)

I remember when,
When we passed through hazy sunsets
When we put the afternoons to rest
Exchanging words for another

How our steps brought us together
Letting the present regain its presence
And, split apart when past
Taking us in differing directions

Now, gone.

Your pigeons made you fly
Ballet shoes lifted from your walk
Now, smiles go up and up
Ruby red rest and roam

And, you remain?
In memory, in memory
Not here, nor there, or anywhere
Now, grounded. Later, risen.

But, come today or another
In memory, in memory
Here, there, or anywhere
When I am left dreaming awake

You, Katie, are you
May you stand and spin
Tossing feelings away
When we meet upon that square

That patch of grass, now
A holy land once again
Hands meet and unite
Two bodies set sane

But, come the everyday today
In memory, in memory
Not here, nor there, or anywhere
And, we remain as we had been

We are life under the sun
Waves of energy abounding
Sometimes, we must let go
Sometimes, we must hold on

The dream remains awaken
Not ready to succumb
To slumber and to turn over
But, tucks the sheets and wonders
May I come again?