Sunday Night Mic @1790 Van Ness, San Francisco

As my goals in photographing Sunday Night Mic @1790 Van Ness, San Francisco have been achieved – my photographic coverage of this weekly event has now come to a close.

This project was begun in hopes of providing host Roem Baur with some visual documentation when this event started in the fall of 2010.  Roem and the myriad of performers that have performed have been most accomodating and I’m delighted to announce that some images have been selected for use in their upcoming promotional campaign (see poster above). 

Special thanks to all those who have been photographed to date.  There were times that I worried when I may have been uncomfortably close to the performers with my camera; and that the resonance of the shutter clicking may have inadvertently interrupted their moment in the spotlight.  If that was indeed the case, my apologies.

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