10-July-2019.  Communicating with Manasseh Bernal on designing a new website for him.  The email module of his current web hosting company – Dynamod is no longer supported.  Recommending he switch to BandZoogle.com.

  • Created by musicians for musicians
  • Company is almost 20 years old; headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  More than 30,000 musicians and bands use it
  • All employees are musicians; 24/7 live chat or email customer support
  • Basic plans are quite limited.  PRO is the top tier plan
  • Mobile responsive
  • Website builder has over 100 templates and all of them can be customized
  • Video headers
  • Electronic press kit (EPK)
  • Built-in email marketing system.  Email subscribers, newsletters, announcements, track effectiveness w/reports
  • Commission free eCommerce
  • Sell songs, albums, download codes, tickets, physical merchandise, videos & other files
  • Calendar, guestbook, photo albums
  • Robust & easy to configure

Examples of musicians that use Bandzoogle –