photographed the oakland-based jazz group – consensual bop in san francisco

Written by 200pockets

30-May-2019.  Last night I ventured into San Francisco to photograph / document a Oakland based jazz group Consensual Bop perform on a roof top deck (a private gig). Definitely out of my comfort zone as I struggled to document both the performance & the guests in attendance. Words of support from friends were written on paper & tucked into my camera bag; this helped to guide me through the night. Thank you. Special thanks to the band and their special guests who were most gracious & allowed me access to photograph them. It can’t be easy to perform when a camera is pointed at you.

  • Consensual Bop –
    • Andre Custodio (drums), Bob Johns (keyboards, trumpet), Mark Secosh (sax), Mark Levine (bass).  Special guests – Nancy Colman, Lindy LaFontaine, Lynne Billig.