mariachi entertainment system – take on me

Written by 200pockets

April 2019 – From Mariachi Entertainment.

Mariachi Entertainment System is dedicated to making mariachi-style covers of classic video game and pop-culture themes.

This idea started a couple of years ago; i’ve been playing in the local mariachi circuit for almost 10 years, recruited out of college by a professional group. I was amazed at the variety in repertoire; classical, pop, jazz and of course the endless number of latin american styles. it all seemed to fit so well. it wasn’t long before i started to wonder about pushing it further.

Finally, it was my wife who gave me the confidence to try this thing that had been on my mind for a long time. it’s been a blast so far.

I’ve been reimagining tunes with mariachi instrumentation for years and finally I’m able to bring those ideas to fruition.

With your support, i’ll be able to compensate my musicians for the work they put into this project.  They’ve honed their craft to the professional level and deserve to be fairly compensated.

I’m gonna keep making videos no matter what.  Thanks so much for watching.