30-March-2019.  10:27am.  Just returned home from walking my dog.  A short morning walk just around the block.  I live in North Berkeley, one block from Solano Avenue.  I live with my elderly parents in a modest home.  We have lived in Berkeley for the last 14 years.  I know my neighbors.  Sun shining, I walked with my dog Duff admiring our neighbor’s gardens and new blooms. … on our walk today, a green pickup truck pulled up beside us, a man rolled down his window and shouted at us – “What the fuck are you doing here?”.  I was stunned.  I turned and saw his face; so angry.   I said nothing & continued to walk towards Solano Ave (for safety) and waited for him to drive off.

Sadly not my first encounter like this.  2 years ago while departing the parking lot of Whole Foods off Gilman, a woman threw her coffee cup at my windshield shouting “Get out of my country!”

And when we first moved to the East Bay, a young man in Richmond threw his coffee cup at my car while driving on San Pablo Avenue.

Earlier this week 3 middle school kids confronted me in the local Safeway supermarket mocking my ethnicity by pretending to speak chinese to me.  They have walked past me in the street and continue their mocking.

I am dismayed and immensely sad for our society.  I am sorry my appearance offended someone.  I am sad.  I am sad for my daughter’s future; I fear they will experience the same – if not worse.