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CANON 5D dSLR, 12.1 MP








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  • Front Row is a revolutionary wearable camera that allows you to both live in the moment and capture it like no other device. The stylish camera can be worn effortlessly in everyday situations to capture and share experiences in bold new ways -from vacations to music festivals or a day in your favorite city. Front Row offers a unique first-person perspective and integrates seamlessly with a smartphone for instant content sharing.- Capture experiences for several hours and create dynamic first person time lapses
    • Live stream on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Mobile app to instantly transfer content to your smartphone
    • Versatile mounting including a stylish lanyard, chain adapter, clip, and more
    • Battery Standby: 50 hours, Recording: 1 hr 50 min – 2 hr, Live Streaming: 1 hr 45 min – 1 hr 55 min
    • LCD touchscreen for device control, picture preview, and video playback
  • (August 2017) – Ubiquiti Networks – manufacturer of wireless data communication and wireless broadband products for the enterprise market — announced a new product called FrontRow. FrontRow is a wearable camera built into a flattish pendant that hangs around the user’s neck. Using FrontRow gives the user the ability stream video and take continuous photos while retaining the ability to experience an event, without having to hold a camera or cellphone. The two-sided pendant also comes with a customized operating system that can integrate with other applications.
    • A round, 1.96-inch LCD display with a resolution of 640 x 572.
    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset.
    • 2 GB of RAM.
    • Two cameras: an 8-megapixel main camera and 5-megapixel front camera. The former has a 140-degree wide-angle lens, and both can stream video up to a 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second.
    • 32 GB of storage space, but no microSD slot to expand storage.
    • Up to 2 hours of battery life while livestreaming, up to 16 hours through Story Mode (taking pictures continuously and putting them into a time-lapse as seen here).
    • A USB Type-C port which fully charges in 20 minutes.
    • Weight: 55 grams
    • Streams to: Google’s Youtube, Facebook and Twitter and integrates with Dropbox and Spotify.
    • A FrontRow app for both Andriod and iOS.
    • Has its own operating system called FrontRow OS, a customized version of Android.
    • $399 suggested retail price.