6-August-2018 - Fleeting Trance merchandise box finished

6-August-2018 – Fleeting Trance merchandise box finished


6-August-2018. Finished a merchandise/display box for indie-band Fleeting Trance & singer/songwriter Manny Bernal. Took about a month to complete!

Timeline –

  • 2018_0703 – Unfinished wood wine box found in Cordelia, California.
  • 2018_0716 – Button making supplies arrive.
  • 2018_0721 – Begin making custom buttons
  • 2018_0726 – Continue making more custom buttons
  • 2018_0803 – Box painted gold & early assembly begins.  Found a magnetic clip frame for $2.50.  Painted the frame gold to match the box.  Found (2) Sistema plastic containers that perfectly fit!  Added a unused belt for a shoulder strap.  Everything including the frame fits inside the box making it easier to move and setup.
  • 2018_0805 – Purchased LED mini battery powered lights from Target for $5.99
  • 2018_0806 – Box finished.  Added a pad for a guest book & business cards for Fleeting Trance & Manny Bernal