22-February-2013.  Promoting your shows – It’s not hard to do.  All it takes is a bit of organization, a small knowledge of HTML and having your information at hand.

Step 1 – Gathering your information.  List of all artists on the bill including their websites, date, time, admission price, who can attend (all ages, 21+?), venue location, phone number and website.

Step 2 – Simple HTML tags – to allow you to embed an image, link to websites, bold text.  W3 schools offers free tutorials online – http://www.w3schools.com/.

  1. The Bay Bridged website
  2. Blog 
  3. Contra Costa Times – via http://www.sfgate.com
  4. The Deli Magazine San Francisco website
  5. Digg.com
  6. Do415.comhttp://www.do415.com
  7. Email
  8. East Bay Express – submit a minimum of 2 weeks before show date
  9. Eventbrite
  10. Eventful.com 
  11. Facebook 
  12. Flickr 
  13. Flyers, brochures, handouts, downloadable PDF files 
  14. Hotel Utah Open Mic
  15. Invitations
  16. Invite a local music critic to your show.
  17. Invite a photographer to your show and encourage them to post their images to Flickr, MySpace, Mog, Facebook and other social networking sites.
  18. Invite a videographer to your show and encourage them to post their videos to Facebook, Vimeo, Mog, YouTube  and other social networking sites.
  19. Stream your show via UStream or Livestream for fans that are unable to attend your show.
  20. KALX – radio station of UC Berkeley
  21. KUSF 90.3 fm – submit a minimum of 15 days before show date
  22. Last.fm
  23. LocalMusicVibe.comhttp://localmusicvibe.com
  24. Los Angeles Weekly – online events calendar – submit a minimum of 2-3 weeks before show date
  25. Marin Independent Journal – via http://www.sfgate.com
  26. Mog.com – music blogging service 
  27. MySpace bulletins by friends 
  28. MySpace bulletins by the artist/band
  29. MySpace – update profile 
  30. The Owl Mag – online calendar
  31. Pollstar.com 
  32. San Francisco Bay Area on the cheap website 
  33. San Francisco Bay Guardian 
  34. San Francisco Chronicle – Bandwidth 
  35. San Francisco Chronicle – online calendar 
  36. SanFrancisco.com
  37. San Francisco Fun and Cheap – submit a minimum of 2 weeks before show date
  38. SFWeekly – submit a minimum of 2-3 weeks before show date
  39. SFstation.com
  40. Share It – 
  41. Sonicliving.com
  42. Spotify playlist of the artists performing – From Spotify you can post songs to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr
  43. TubeMogul
  44. Twitter 
  45. Venue website and calendar
  46. Website of the artists
  47. Yahoo’s Upcoming.org