28-April-2018 - Fleeting Trance Song Commission

28-April-2018 – Fleeting Trance Song Commission


28-April-2018.  Inspired by the talent & continued devotion to his music, today I asked my dear friend Manasseh Bernal of the indie band Fleeting Trance (http://www.fleetingtrance.com)  / (https://www.facebook.com/fleetingtranceband/)  if he would allow me to grant him a song commission.  For the last year I have put money aside (pin money) and was able to gift him a few hundred dollars.  I was afraid he would say no. …. I am SO grateful he said YES!  Terms:

  • Complete artistic freedom.  Lyrics optional.  No deadline.
  • Copyright remains with the artist.
  • The track would be titled “For Bridget – optional subtitle”
  • He will allow me to play the soundtrack as a background track on my website.
  • He will allow my daughters to play the soundtrack at my funeral.