beneficentia journal (1999-present)

Written by 200pockets

YEAR 2019


  • Received a donation from Kevin Patrick Radley of Hickory Hollar (band).

YEAR 2018


  • Received a donation from Andre Custodio of Consensual Bop (jazz band).


  • Received a donation from Manasseh Bernal of Fleeting Trance (band).


  • Learned that my local post office clerk was on duty all day without backup staff.  Walked to Starbucks to get him a hot tea & some snacks.


  • Mailed custom buttons to J. Starmack.
  • Photographed Manny Bernal at Rigger’s Loft Winery in Point Richmond, California.  Lovely show.  Took Duff!



  • Photographed the Amtgard group – Barony of Wyvern’s Spur at Codornices Park, Berkeley, California


  • Photographed Hickory Hollar at Berryessa Gap Winery Tasting Room, Winters, California
  • Photographed downtown historic Winters for Google Local Guide.


  • Donated $25 to my friend’s cat Tarzana’s cancer fund on GoFundMe.


  • Received word from SD that she got a job interview!  Happiness is helping someone find a job.
  • Added new show – (11/3/18) – Spider Garage, The Tortured, Crimson Ghost, The Nunns @The Stork Club, Oakland, California


  • Photographed Hickory Hollar (Nancy Northrup, Kevin Patrick Radley, Mel Bearns) at Porchfest Winters 2018.  Super hot temperatures.  Great performance.


  • Updated a number of website plugins this morning.
    • Photo Gallery by Supsystic to v1.12.6
    • Gutenberg v3.6.2
    • Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite v3.3.0
    • Backup by Supsystic v2.2.4



  • Received word from Manasseh Bernal of Fleeting Trance that Chabot Science Center in Oakland will comp me admission +1 as I will be photographing him this Saturday on the Observatory Deck.


  • Photographed jazz group Consensual Bop at the Suisun City Waterfront Jazz Series.  Posted photographs to Facebook.  Incredible public turnout.  GVW estimates 125 in attendance – maybe more.



  • Finished the Fleeting Trance merchandise box; spoke with Manny Bernal and learned that he had a show at the Bistro in Hayward, California this evening.  Drove it down.  Had him set it up.  Said it was a breeze to pack up.  Success!





2018_0802.  Bought (2) Sistema plastic bins that fit perfectly inside the Fleeting Trance gold box.

2018_0731.    Treated a friend to an all you can eat dinner in El Cerrito, California. Went to the All you can eat Tuesday Tacos at Los Moles Restaurant on Potrero Ave., El Cerrito, CA. 4-9pm, $13.99. Delicious.

2018_0729.   Purchased a PRO license for the Supsystic WordPress plugin for Google Maps Easy for < US $29 >.

2018_0722.  Making custom buttons.

2018_0722.  Photographed = Garageland Rodeo @The Warehouse, Port Costa, California.

2018_0720.  Gifted a 80 gallon composter to my friend in Crockett, California.  Ordered from Amazon.  A feat to assemble.  A gift for his garden.

2018_0719.  Photographed = The New Frantics, Martinez, California.

2018_0714.  Photographed = Eyescream Jewelry, Oakland, California.  Uploaded photographs to Google Maps via the Google Local Guide program.

2018_0711.  Purchased (1000) Tecre 1″ inch pin back button supplies, < US $58 >

2018_0704.  Photographed = Maroon velvet box for Ruby of Eyescream Jewelry, Oakland, California.

2018_0704.  Photographed = USS Hornet Museum, Alameda, California.

2018_0704.  Photographed = Shark Alley Hobos at the USS Hornet, Alameda, California.

2018_0704.  Photographed = Mitch Polzak and the Royal Deuces at the USS Hornet, Alameda, California.

2018_0703.  Photographed= Box for indie band Fleeting Trance.

2018_0630.  Photographed = Suisun City marina.

2018_0630.  Photographed = Harbor Plaza, Suisun City, California

2018_0630 Photographed = Boxes for Ruby of Eyescream Jewelry, Oakland, California

2018_0626 Photographed = Consensual Bop merchandise box.

2018_0615.  Photographed = Rigger’s Loft Winery, Point Richmond, California

2018_0615.  Photographed = Manasseh Bernal (solo acoustic) @Rigger’s Loft Winery, Point Richmond, California;

2018_0525.  Picked up my typewriter from repair – grateful for Berkeley Typewriter.

2018_0428.  Photographed = Eyescream Jewelry, Oakland, California.

2018_0424.  Swedish death cleaning.  Gifted my electric Fluke ukulele to my youngest daughter.  Mailed to her – Olympia, Washington.

2018_0318.  Found a very useful PC file management tool – XYplorer.  Tried the 30 day free trial and within minutes purchased the $79.95 pro license > Will be using it to explore and remove files from my Surface Book laptop and external drives.  Beautifully designed interface and program.  Highly recommend!

2018_0312.  Restored my daughter’s art portfolio website.

  • Edited the wp-config.php file using net2ftp and settings from Network Solutions.
  • define( ‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);
  • confirmed SQL hostname <– there had been a change
  • define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’)

2018_0308.  Photographed- kosher foods.

2018_0307.  An inquiry from my friend Lee Hoffman of Bang The Bay – “Hey Bridget I finished my first episode of bang the kitchen and i am ready to release it but would like your advice on how i should get it copyrighted. the rules have changed for placing ads on videos and i was wondering the other options. i hope all is well with you!!!!”

YouTube has made changes such that monetizing videos is more difficult to do.  Recommended Lee put a copyright notice & contact information at the end of the video.  Helpful resource –

2018_0306.  Updated Filezilla FTP Client (software) on my Surface Book.  Helpful that this is free.

2018_0305 Purchased a < $29 license > for Photo Gallery PRO plugin by SupSystic.  I’ve been using the free version for a while and love the software.  The PRO version offers a few more gallery designs as well as import image options.  Excellent customer support!

2018_0306 Renewed domain and hosting services via Network Solutions.  Dismayed that some services were inadvertently added to my account.  Need to gather my thoughts and write a letter of concern to Customer Service.

2018_0303.  Photographed – kosher foods.

2018_0301 Received my replacement Olympus Stylus TG-2 camera today.  So grateful that ebay seller cloutdogg had one for sale.  New in box!

2018_0225.  9pm.  Showed my camera to GVW last night and he has concluded my constant companion go to camera – a 2013 Olympus TG-2 camera is broken and will require replacement.  The port which accepts the charger is loose making charging and the transfer of images very difficult.  I have found a new in box unit on ebay and have made an offer of < $200 >.  Fingers crossed.

2018_0225.  1:40pm.  Honoured to be providing the Shark Alley Hobos (band) with high resolution images for use on their web site and album art.

2018_0225.  10:38am.  Re-installed a WordPress photo gallery plugin.  Used net2ftp to rename a plugin directory and then reinstalled the plug-in.

2018_0224 Donated 160 photographs of 31 businesses to Google Maps via their Google Local Guide (volunteer) program.

2018_0221 Using a Canon PowerShot N camera set on the Creative Filter setting – photographed some artificial flowers.  An interesting exercise.

2018_0219.  Being a holiday – today’s side hustle was to scan 145 book covers for a local bookseller.   Digital images were then color corrected, resized and uploaded to various online databases.

2018_0210.  Gifted an old manual Royal typewriter to my friend Joe at Berkeley Typewriter.

YEAR 2017

2017_1117.  Photographed – Neighborhood walk.

2017_1021 Photographed the sea shanty band – The Shark Alley Hobos.

2017_0927.  Made some custom buttons.

2017_0922.  Made some custom buttons.

2017_0917.  Photographed the indie bands Fleeting Trance and Stymie & the PJLO in Fairfax, California.

2017_0413.  Gifted a local musician $100 for a replacement car key.

YEAR 2016

2016_1125.   Gifted a vintage Hermes manual typewriter to my younger daughter.

2016_0625.  Purchased (2000) Tecre 1″ pin back button machine parts, < US $126 >

2016_0501  Gifted (3) Fender amps to Lee Hoffman of the indie band Elegant Trash and Bang! Magazine.

YEAR 2015


YEAR 2014