comments – what people are saying (2018)

Written by 200pockets


19-MAY-2018 – R. HORNSTEIN

Very kind of you, the very excellent and accomplished photographer.

17-MAY-2018 – GVW

I love you sweetheart, you make my life worth living.

13-MARCH-2018 – R

It’s nice watching sparrows.  (Me) – Yes. It is the little things in life that matter.

9-MARCH-2018 – GVW

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.  You would not have those feelings.  


Thanks so much Bridget! I will get to work on rounding up the hobos to sign the release! I’ll keep you posted on how the recording is going…


Hi Bridget. This is beautiful. [Shark Alley Hobos image]

20-FEBRUARY-2018 – LR

Hi Bridget:

I hope you had a relaxing and fun long weekend. I definitely was able to get some R & R in…

Gary stopped by and gave me the neat little calendar book!! I love it! It is so cute and usable, too!!

I am going to set it up for the year so I can use it! I keep dates on my iPhone but I also like to have a paper calendar that I use and carry with me, so this is perfect!

Thanks so much! You are a sweetheart!


Hi Bridget, Thanks you so much! That is very generous of you! If you send a link for a release form I will have each Hobo sign one and send them back to you. The song is coming along and should be done within the next couple of months. For the image, should I download it from your site? I wanted to use the one where we are all pulling on the rope. Let me know the best way to get the image and I will get to work getting the Hobos to sign the release! Thanks again and have a great week! -Che


Hi Bridget, I wrote a song called “A Hobo’s Life” with verses about each member of the Shark Alley Hobos. I am recording it now and was thinking it would be cool to have all the hobos on the artwork for the single cover. I think the picture you took at the Pirate Fest with all of us tugging on the rope would be perfect. I have a guy who does the layout and he usually adds things to the photos I give him like logos, titles, etc. I would not have any hard copies of the single so the final cover would be used as the image on our website and Facebook for the single (which people can download from our website). We don’t make much money from the download sales but we love recording and putting out music. You would of course get a credit in the liner notes for the photo! If you needed releases, I’m sure I could get them from the band. Let me know what you think…


Hi Bridget, I am recording a new original sea shanty for the Shark Alley Hobos. Would it be possible to use one of the photos you took at the Pirate Fest as the inspiration for the cover art? I was thinking of the photo of all the Hobos pulling on the rope. Let me know…Thanks! -Che