MARCH 2018

  • 26 – Weather outlook this week – no rain!
  • 25 – GVW takes me to see the 2018 film – A Wrinkle in Time.  Very enjoyable.  … Heard from R who has returned from a cybersecurity conference …
  • 24 – Donated (7) computers and (2) monitors to the local ewaste collection site.
  • 19 – Awoke at 4:30am.  Eerily quiet outside.  Need to be on campus by 8am to meet with my supervisor Dr. J.  We are responsible for setting up the kosher Pharmily Cafe before today’s Block B Track 1 exam.  Financial donors – mysef ($15), Dr. J and three other faculty members who wish to remain anonymous.  Watched a very sad New York Times video – Fragments of a Life (what a US soldier left behind for a loved one)
  • 14 – Another rainy day.  Work supervisor returns from quick visit to New York City.  Working from home.
  • 13 – Actively shredding old paperwork.
  • 12 – News that R will likely take 8 additional credits in Summer 2018.  Putting aside enough money for her tuition & housing.
  • 11 – GVW takes me to see the film The Shape of Water.  Gorgeous film.
  • 10 – GVW took me to Fry’s in Concord, California.  Purchased a $70 portable TV.  Naxxa Portable TV & Digital Multimedia Player.
  • 10.  Overcast day, rain expected.   Checked R’s closet; wondering if we still have a roof leak.  Will put a plastic bin in the closet just in case.
    • Sad news – Killer @Pathways facility in Yountville was an army veteran.
  • 10.  Gathering old computers (desktop and laptop) in the living room so GVW and I can dismantle them and put hard drives into separate enclosures.  Did not realize we had so many old computers.
  • 08.  On campus for a faculty meeting.  Feeling a bit sad with news of recent resignations.  A faculty member (AW) said to me that change was good.  But that there is a difference between chaos and change.  Good point!
  • 06.  Watching Past Tense (TV episode) from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  Sanctuary Districts.  Year 2024.


  • 2018_0218.  Receiving an email from my friend Manasseh Bernal of the indie band Fleeting Trance.
  • 2018_0217.  Receiving a photograph of a Minion themed car from my daughter R.
  • 2018_0217.  Spending the day with GVW.  A gentle day.  Watching Star Trek Discovery.  Sitting by a roaring fire.  Drinking soup.  Being together.  Feeling safe.
  • 2018_0217.  Having Saturday afternoon lunch at Jerusalem Cafe, Solano Ave., Berkeley, California with GVW and Duff.  We sat outside near an open window.  Staff at the cafe loved Duff; even being photographed!
  • 2018_0217.  Having a friend like GVW.  Took me to Home Depot to purchase fence edging.  Accompanied me to talk with my neighbor and helped me deliver firewood by my neighbor.
  • 2018_0118.  Notified that the InMotion elliptical pedaler was delivered to my daughter H in Boston.


  • 1977_06.  Graduated high school  Concord-Carlisle High School, Concord, Massachusetts.  Looking forward to attending Mills College, Oakland, California.


  • 1960_0315.  Born in New York City.