bridget! thank you for helping us document this! i owe you

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1-April-2017 - Fleeting Trance @No Name's Record Store Concert, One Bad Apple, Castro Valley, CA
1-April-2017 – Fleeting Trance @No Name’s Record Store Concert, One Bad Apple, Castro Valley, CA

30-June-2017.   A kind email from my friend Manasseh Bernal of the Oakland indie band – Fleeting Trance.  So proud of him!


Thank you for helping us document this!

I owe you …

Manny Bernal (vocals/guitar), Roger Rocha (lead guitar of 4 Non Blondes), John Howard (lap steel guitar), Craig Koozer (bass), and Daren Wilkerson (drums) from Fleeting Trance stop by No Name’s Record Room for a two-song set and interview. The band sifts through the mountains of records at One Bad Apple in Castro Valley and pick out some seriously diverse gems.

Their selection is a music education in itself: J. Geils Band’s Freeze Frame, David Lindley’s El Rayo-X, The Nat Adderley Sextet’s Soul Zodiac, Johnny Guitar Watson’s A Real Mother for YaThe Dark Side of the Moon.

Fleeting Trance’s sound is just as broad and eclectic, without losing authenticity. Started by Bay Area songwriter, producer, and musician Manasseh (Manny) Bernal, Fleeting Trance got their start in Oakland. “I don’t think we’re a one-trick-pony. The longer people listen, the more they will understand what connects us to the various musical forms and styles that we are putting out there. I want to put opposites together because life is such a horrible contradiction,” Bernal told Performer Magazine in 2009.

Manny picked up each band member from other projects, except for Roger Rocha, who came with experience playing guitar for 4 Non Blondes. Roger agrees that Fleeting Trances’ varied backgrounds are their strength. “I think competition between bands is stupid…(but) I think competition within bands is good. I think you need some friction. Because if you all totally agree, it tastes like vanilla.”

Check out their opposite-of-vanilla set inside No Name’s Record Room above. Stay connected with Fleeting Trance via their websiteFacebookTwitter, or Instagram. :: in support of community ::

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