corona 3 folding typewriter

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23-June-2017.  Became the proud owner of a Corona 3 folding typewriter from my friend at Berkeley Typewriter.  In love.

Black with Gold. Contrasting panels in crackle-finish of rose gold.

Corona Color Code: J

About the Corona 3 folding typewriter –

This little cutie’s platen folded down and over the keyboard to fit in its case. With over 700,000 built between 1912 and 1940, it was and remains a very popular machine. It was frequently copied by competitors, resulting in a number of patent infringement lawsuits. When the #4 was introduced in 1924, Corona began offering $50 rebates on the #3 and produced a line of Specials which came in red, green, and blue.

There are several minor variations of the #3. The very earliest have individually hung typebars, while later ones (such as the one above) have a traditional slotted segment. Very very early ones are labeled Standard Typewriter Company, as the company did not change its name to Corona until 1914. Around 1923, the “Improved” #3 added a set of right-hand shift keys and a widened platen. The Improved model also did away with the “3” designation on the front. The very last iteration, the one that may be of most interest to the collector besides the pre-1914 model, was the X-C / XC-D model. The X model added two more keys, for a total of 30. The X-C allowed the operator to configure any one of four special keys to be “dead” (striking a “dead” key does not move the carriage), and the XC-D came with all four of the keys dead by default.

It may be a vey “common” machine, but its ingenious design and historical significance should give it a place in every typewriter enthusiast’s collection.

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