Elegant Trash

Elegant Trash

16-April-2017.  Designed a GoFundMe campaign for Lee and Nathalie of Elegant Trash.


Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I have found the love of my life Nathalie … and we are to be married August 19th, 2017 on Ocean Beach in San Francisco. This will be a huge celebration – a free beach show with some of my favorite musical acts.

We then depart for Europe (Aug 22 to Sept 7) on our honeymoon and Elegant Trash [band] European Tour II. We are using our tour as our honeymoon as well -and- Nathalie is going to sing backup vocals for my band.

If you were thinking about giving us a wedding gift, please consider a donation to our GoFundMe tour/honeymoon fund. That would be amazing.

Help us make our dream come true. Thank you so much for all the love and support!

Nathalie & Lee

Money raised here will go towards: travel, lodging & food.

Our goal is to take the entire band to Europe.

All donations welcome! Monetary or otherwise! Special thanks to all of our friends who have contributed Reward levels!

Reward levels (coming soon) –
* Lee & Nathalie (or the entire band) will dedicate a song to you & video tape it for you
* Your name as a sponsor in an upcoming issue of Bang Magazine
* A postcard from Amsterdam or Berlin
* Elegant Trash (band) t-shirt
* Meal at Zing Cafe, Berkeley, California
* Limited edition Elegant Trash buttons
* Home cooked meal w/Nathalie & Lee
* Sound guy (from Burning Man festival) will offer to be a technician for a night
* Elegant Trash patch
* Lunch with Ted Falconi (of the punk rock group Flipper) & Bridget Canfield (editorial photographer) at Chevy’s, Emeryville, California
* Dress alteration by Nathalie’s mother
* A classical guitar lesson by the Elegant Trash guitarist
* House concert by Elegant Trash
* A cheesecake baked by Doctor Striker
* House concert by Matt Jaffe
* A dozen home baked cookies by Nathalie & Lee
* Cut and color by Lee
* Guest appearance on Bang the Kitchen (cable tv show)

Help spread the word!