collector of keys :: collector of stories past

collector of keys :: collector of stories past


Just as photography is documenting a story – keys of yesteryear represents past stories.

I have long cherished keys and would love the opportunity to receive your key and hear the story or stories behind them.

Keys in my collection include ….

  1. A set of old luggage keys that once belonged to my step-father’s grandmother (1980s).
  2. A replica prison key from Pennsylvania from my daughter Heather. (2012)
  3. A key purchased at a New Zealand flea market by my daughter Rosemary (2016),
  4. A batch of keys from an Irish thrift store by my daughter Heather (2016)
  5. A key to a now unused door at San Quentin prison. (2017)
  6. A handcuff key from a former corrections officer. (2017)
  7. A set of keys from a Northern California dog walker. (2017)

Wish to send me some keys?

  • B. Canfield, PO Box 7016, Berkeley, California 94707