*comments – what people are saying (2017)

25-MARCH-2017 – ANDRE CUSTODIO (CONSENSUAL BOP) – “We are grateful. Always a pleasure, Bridget.”

9-MARCH-2017 – FLEETING TRANCE – “Bridget Canfield – awesomeness”

9-MARCH-2017 – LEE AUSTIN HOFFMAN – “Hey Bridget I would love to have you as a guest on my t.v show I know your a little camera shy but Ted (Falconi) agreed to be a guest and I think it would be cool to have you both on the same day. Tell me what you think. You are one of my biggest inspirations as a person and as a artist I would love to have you on my show.”

3-MARCH-2017 – LEE AUSTIN HOFFMAN – “I would like to give a big thank you to Bridget Canfield for helping me make my Elegant Trash buttons for my fans and for everything you do to help the community. You will always be one of my biggest inspirations as an artist and a great friend.”

3-MARCH-2017 – ANDRE CUSTODIO (CONSENSUAL BOP) – “Lovely, thanks!”

2-MARCH-2017 – NORTH TO PORT (New Hampshire)

27-FEBRUARY-2017 – ANDRE CUSTODIO (CONSENSUAL BOP) – “Would love to catch-up with you when you have some free moments.”


18-FEBRUARY-2017 – TED FALCONI (FLIPPER) – “thanks bridget”


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