A: Most old typewriters are hard to sell, but some are wanted by collectors. The Early Typewriter Collectors’ Association (www.etconline.org) is a club and publication for collectors of old typewriters. L.C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter Co. was founded in 1903 by Lyman C. Smith and his three brothers in Syracuse, N.Y. The company’s first typewriter, model No. 2, was introduced in 1904, a year before No. 1 was offered for sale. The company merged with Corona Typewriter Co. in 1925 to become L.C. Smith & Corona Typewriter Co.

To find the age of your typewriter, you need to know the serial number. L.C. Smith serial numbers and production dates are listed on The Typewriter Database (www.typewriterdatabase.com). We could have helped more if you had sent pictures of the typewriter and any marks.

Source – http://www.inforum.com/news/4222353-art-deco-cabinet-sold-auction-450