17-July-2016 – Richard Corey covers an Eilen Jewell song. From 2010. Still resonates with me.


There`s only one constant in this whole world
And that`s nothin` ever stays the same
Some day my life will be over
And no one will remember my name
That`s alright, cos what`s in a name?
And who needs another one to memorise anyway?
Make no fuss over my grave
Just plant somethin` pretty and call it a day

Let`s just listen to the rain roll in
I don`t feel like we gotta do nothin`
Years go by and before too long
Even the very last one is gone
The very last one, is gone


Verse and Chorus run through

No one ever said it would always be good
And if they did they were just wrong
I`ve loved it all and I`ll miss it when I`m gone
My life`s been my art and I`ve told it in my song

Repeat Chorus
Read more at http://www.songlyrics.com/eilen-jewell/rain-roll-in-lyrics/#YzlxSpmgOPEhIZR8.99

Richard Corey (screen capture)

Richard Corey (screen capture)