On this day, I forgive Geoffrey Lyall (aka Klaus Flouride, bassist of the punk band Dead Kennedys).

I forgive you for your actions which remind me every day that I am devalued, worthless, inadequate, unworthy.

I forgive you for your ugly impulses.

I forgive you for exposing me to your world.

You live a sad existence … a band-mate who hides his wife from public view, playing in a karaoke band, hoarding, porn, for being in the Ashley Madison database …. you have a life few would want let alone envy.

For the record, I always felt unsafe in your company – I will always remember that night in San Francisco at a music venue when you witnessed a man grope me in front of you – as he taunted you (What are you going to do about it old man?) and yet you did nothing.  A coward.  My father asks – why didn’t I leave you then? I don’t know.

I forgive myself for being drawn into supporting what I now see was a deception – smoke & mirrors.   I willingly drank the kool-aid.

One day I will make amends by releasing a statement upon my death.  The statement will be released to the public by trusted friends & held by an attorney until that time.

I pray for you & hope you will one day confront your inner demons & make things right – especially for the Dead Kennedys fans.  They deserve to know the truth.

You have done great harm to many beyond myself.  Call me Biafra, call me Lorraine. I look to Jello Biafra for daily strength for he has had to cope with you for far longer than I ever have -or- ever will.

On this day – I know that I am valuable and worthy of friendship, love & respect because I value, love & respect others. Whenever I think of you, I will value others & show them respect, compassion & consideration.  This will remind me of how fortunate I am to be rid of you.

I will remember you (Geoffrey Vinton Lyall / Klaus Flouride) as a deeply troubled, frightened, anxiety ridden, old, bitter & broke man. On meds & intoxicated – you are charming, charismatic & of grand gestures .  Without them – a panic striken old man who dashes into his home & slams the door shut … fearing discovery.

For the remainder of my life – I will work every day to not become you.

* Full disclosure – Geoffrey Vinton Lyall / Klaus Flouride has been asked to stay away from my daughters & my family.

* August 2016 – Geoffrey Vinton Lyall / Klaus Flouride was seen entering a Wells Fargo North Berkeley bank; upon seeing my mother & I – he hid in the bushes outside the entrance.  Sad & pathetic are the only words that come to mind.  I feel so very sorry for him.  Friends & others believe he is deeply ashamed for what he has done.

* May 2017 – A close mutual friend calls him a “douche bag”; not sure why ….. can’t say I disagree. (… more …)

* Reminds me of an encounter between Dr. Taub & Dr. Cheng on the TV series House.  Season 7, Episode 5.  “Actually it’s you … You can make choices whenever you want … You chose to act like a paranoid little kid.  I hate kids.  Good bye Dr. Taub