Hotel Utah Open Mic -

Hotel Utah Open Mic –



There’s no one else I know, Bridget (though that knowledge comes more from the volume of loving information you produce here than the time you and I have interacted), that posts so many photos of so many artists I’ve never heard of, who shows us her passion in photo and in word, who calls us out to support each other, who never bloody shuts up (and this compels our love like nothing else), who seems to be blessedly lost in her art, who is such a vocal advocate for raw artistic expression, who has a gift for capturing musicians at their most beautiful.  I am still so proud of a photo you took of me at the Utah when I was premiering the zombie song.  Could hardly believe that that angry, fiery, sayingittooloud motherfucker was me.

If Karma is true, then blessings will forever rain upon your head.