4-Jan-2013 - Fleeting Trance @Café Du Nord, San Francisco, CA

4-Jan-2013 – Fleeting Trance @Café Du Nord, San Francisco, CA

28-November-2013. New show just announced! Oakland based indie band Fleeting Trance to perform at Café Du Nord, San Francisco, California.

  • Fleeting Trance – http://www.fleetingtrance.com
  • Fleeting Trance is the creation of Manasseh (Ma’ NASA) Bernal, a Bay Area-based songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. A musical collage of styles, influences and instrumentation depending on the song, Fleeting Trance refuses definition, category and genre.
    “I like to think we have multiple styles without blending them all into one song,” says Bernal. “I don’t think we are a one trick pony and I think the longer people listen the more they understand what connects us to the various musical forms/styles we are putting out there.”
    No two performances are alike. Bernal invites different musicians to complement the core band of Fleeting Trance, creating soundscapes that may sound vaguely influenced by performers such as Sonic Youth, The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The Beatles, Willie Nelson and Sublime, yet entirely original.
    The name itself – Fleeting Trance – reflects the juxtaposition of different concepts. “I wanted to put opposites together because life is such a horrible contradiction,” says Bernal. “The project is my goal to marry music styles that I love that aren’t supposed to be found together in the same room.”
  • Purchase tickets – http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3940444&pl=cdnord