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28-Sept-2013 - Love/Peace wooden tokens for songwriter/composer John Nash

resources for musicians & bands

19-July-2019.  Learning/gathering information for artists & musicians. How to promote your show Invite a local artist to partake in your show – Invite a music critic – Social…


 memento = remember |  semper meminero = “I will always remember ADHD – ALISON.COM – free training ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE (2019) – romantic comedy AMTGARD – Barony…

26-June-2019 - Alameda County Fair 2019, Pleasanton, California. Camera: Canon PowerShot N2

my calendar

 My photography calendar (above & below).  People, places & events I hope to photograph.  Those events highlighted in red are the ones I am hoping to photograph….

2018 - HydeMade Resonator 4-string mandolin

learning mandolin >> hydemade round retro resophonic 4 string acoustic electric mandolin 2018 natural

15-July-2019.  Purchased a Hydemade round retro resophonic 4 string acoustic electric mandolin.  So excited to make the commitment to learn how to play the mandolin. UNIQUE NATIONAL STYLE…

donated 14 photographs of pinole & berkeley, california businesses to google maps

To date I have donated 3862 digital photos to Google Maps via the Google Local Guide program in support of 922 businesses & places. – – – – –…

5-August-2019 - Gifted groceries to my elderly neighbor

gifted my elderly neighbors – groceries

5-August-2019. While grocery shopping at Sprouts (supermarket) in Albany, I found chicken to be on sale. $0.97 per pound. Bought two packages and gifted one to my elderly…

2-August-2019 - An evening of making custom 1" buttons

an evening of making custom 1″ buttons

29-July-2019 - Consensual Bop/CBop merch cart

repurposed a child’s garden cart as a merch table display

29-July-2019.  Re-purposed a child’s garden cart (EverEarth Organic Fruit and Veg Cart #EE33610) as a merch table display for the jazz group Consensual Bop. –

29-Sept-2018 - Provided 226 digital images to a local bookseller

provided 59 digital images to a local bookseller

  To date have provided 12,800 digital photos/scans of 3641 books.  Have another 8233 books that need to be photographed. 29-July-2019 – Provided 59 digital images to a…

27-July-2019 - Custom buttons for Consensual Bop (CBOP)

making custom buttons for jazz group consensual bop (cbop)

27-July-2019.  Making custom 1″ buttons for the fans of Consensual Bop (CBOP).  They will be available at their upcoming shows – Sunday, August 4, 2019, 3-5pm.  @Suisun Waterfront…

21-Feb-2018 - Canon PowerShot N camera, Creative Filter setting. Artificial flower.

“you have such a unique heart”

27-July-2019.  A kind comment from a friend from yesteryear. I will always remember your beautiful offer to go with me to LA and meet with her. You have…

notre dame du haute, ronchamp

In spring 1950, Le Corbusier, encouraged by his friend Maurice Jardot and despite his reluctance, came on to the hill. The surrounding landscapes and the history of the…