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Protected: notes for andre

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26-June-2019 - Alameda County Fair 2019, Pleasanton, California. Camera: Canon PowerShot N2

a calendar – artists, musicians & venues in our midst

#supportlocal artists, musicians, LARPs, events & venues in your midst – FRI, 02/07/20 – FLEETING TRANCE @Chabot Space & Science Center, 10000 Skyline Blvd., Oakland, California.  6-7pm and…

21-Feb-2018 - Canon PowerShot N camera, Creative Filter setting. Artificial flower.

beneficentia = active kindness in 10 acts

beneficentia = active kindness “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, & the roots spring up & make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart (aviator)…

Protected: off the record – photos for client

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

donated 202 photographs to google maps / google local guides

To date I have donated 5273 digital photos / 9 videos  to Google Maps via the Google Local Guide program in support of 962 businesses & places.  57,938,331 views…

24-October-2019 - Off The Record poster

photographed off the record band @meenar music club, danville, california

14-December-2019. Drove with GVW to Danville to photograph Off The Record band. Huge audience turnout. Very popular band. Canon 5D dSLR struggled with LED lighting.

photographed off the record (band) @meenar music club, danville, california

14-December-2019.  Photographed Off The Record band at Meenar Music Club in Danville, California.  Huge turnout.  Impressive gig.

27-October-2019 - Wyvern's Spur iron on patches

made some wyvern’s spur iron on patches for local amtgard LARP group

27-October-2019. Made some iron patches for the local Amtgard LARP group.

22-Sept-2019 - Digital image for a bookseller

provided 325 digital images to a local bookseller

To date have provided 12,800 digital photos/scans of 3641 books.  Have another 8233 books that need to be photographed. 22-September-2019 – Provided 325 digital images to a local…

Sept 2019 - Glass decoupage pocket tokens

creating glass decoupage pocket tokens

17-September-2019.  Spent the last two weeks making glass decoupage pocket tokens.  Time consuming, but a pleasant way to spend the evening.   Envision them being used by artists as…

Splatter Festival Poster, 2019

honoured to photograph Off The Record (band) @Splatter Festival

14-September-2019.  Honoured to attend and photograph the Off The Record band at the 8th Annual Splatter Festival in Dublin, California.  This was an outdoor festival; the temperature was…

10-Sept-2019 - Farewell card to a colleague

farewell card written to a work colleague