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Splatter Festival Poster, 2019

honoured to be invited to photograph Off The Record (band) @Splatter Festival

Underwood Standard 3 typewriter

my beneficentia journal – what I am working on

my current focus |  my wish list  |  writing down memories for my family  |  beneficentia work  |  learning how to manage psuedoxanthoma elasticum (pxe)  |  death cleaning …

donated 118 photographs of crockett & berkeley, california businesses to google maps

To date I have donated 4223 digital photos to Google Maps via the Google Local Guide program in support of 936 businesses & places. – – – – –…

2-Dec-2011 - Fleeting Trance @Expressions College Recording Studio

a fond memory – fleeting trance in studio, emeryville, california

2-December-2011.  Fleeting Trance in studio in Emeryville, California.

21-June-2019 - Bridget Canfield - self portrait @59. Camera: Olympus TG-2


THE ORIGIN OF 200POCKETS A modern interpretation of the Friedrich Nietzche quote – “The day’s length.  If a man has a great deal to put in them, a…

2-August-2019 - An evening of making custom 1" buttons

help support our projects – donate if you can afford to do so

Donations are welcome & much appreciated if you can afford to do so.   Recent $ has been spent on – Button making materials Candy for merchandise boxes…

21-Feb-2018 - Canon PowerShot N camera, Creative Filter setting. Artificial flower.

beneficentia = active kindness in 10 acts

beneficentia = active kindness “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, & the roots spring up & make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart (aviator)…

- Gifted the entire song catalog of Fleeting Trance

gifted a nakamichi mini speaker loaded with the entire song catalog of fleeting trance (114 songs!) to the parents of manny bernal

17-August-2019.  Gifted a Nakamichi mini speaker loaded with the entire song catalog of Fleeting Trance to the parents of Manny Bernal.

photographed fleeting trance @chabot space & science center, oakland, california

17-August-2019 –  Photographed indie-band FLEETING TRANCE (full band) @Chabot Space & Science Center, Oakland, California. /   1-Signed release on file – Manasseh Bernal   Transportation costs – 23.6 miles…

28-Sept-2013 - Love/Peace wooden tokens for songwriter/composer John Nash

resources for musicians & bands

19-July-2019.  Learning/gathering information for artists & musicians. How to promote your show Invite a local artist to partake in your show – Invite a music critic – Social…

5-August-2019 - Gifted groceries to my elderly neighbor

gifted my elderly neighbors – groceries

5-August-2019. While grocery shopping at Sprouts (supermarket) in Albany, I found chicken to be on sale. $0.97 per pound. Bought two packages and gifted one to my elderly…

4-August-2019 - CBop/Consensual Bop @Suisun Jazz Festival, Suisun City, California

photographed jazz group cbop (consensual bop) @suisun jazz festival, suisun city, california

4-August-2019 – Photographed jazz group – CBop (Consensual Bop) @Suisun Jazz Festival, Suisun City, California.