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13-July-2018 - Hand-made knitted fruit caps

gifted a set of hand-knit baby hats to a new father

  13-July-2018. Gifted a set of four hand-made knitted fruit bay caps for a new father – the son of my local post office clerk.  She was so…

30-June-2018 - Thomas Pacconi Classics Jewelry Box

a wonderful box for my friend ruby

1-July-2018.  #beneficentia.  So very excited to be gifting two jewelry boxes to my friend Ruby of Eyescream Jewelry, Oakland, California.  One was found yesterday at a thrift store…

gifted my electric fluke ukulele to my daughter

24-April-2018.  Gifted my electric Fluke ukulele to my youngest daughter.  Sent via UPS to Olympia, Washington.

* “will anyone be happier if I save this?” – swedish death cleaning

21-April-2018.  Stumbled across this article about swedish death cleaning.  Question I must ask myself on a daily basis – “Will Anyone be Happier if I Save This?” Article…

* donated 7 computers & 2 display monitors

24-March-2018.  Today, GVW and I took (7) computers and (2) display monitors to the ewasteCollective computer & technology resource center, 620 Page Street, Berkeley, California (  We removed…

xyplorer File Manager for Windows

* purchased xyplorer pro license

  18-March-2018.  Found a very useful PC file management tool – XYplorer.  Tried the 30 day free trial and within minutes purchased the $79.95 pro license.  Will be…

13-March-2018 - Shredding old paperwork!

* shredded old paperwork!

  13-March-2018.  Reminded myself that I need only save 7 years worth of paperwork; today I shredded and discarded a garbage bag full of old paperwork.  Would like…

17-Feb-2018 - Apple firewood for my neighbor

* gifting firewood to my neighbor phil

  17-February-2018 – Though my home has three fireplaces, today I will be gifting a large pile of firewood to my neighbor Phil.  We spoke in passing and…

“Death and decay is inevitable, and not everything is worth saving,”

7-February-2018.  A quotation from a New York Times article ( that resonates with me – “Death and decay is inevitable, and not everything is worth saving,” Ms. Callahan…

donated a royal typewriter (manual) to berkeley typewriter

10-February-2018.  Today I donated an old Royal (manual) typewriter to a local typewriter store – Berkeley Typewriter.

taken – wooden pallets

4-December-2017.  Today I decided to put two old wooden pallets that had been in our back garden on the curb to see if someone might want them.  To…

“anyway, they’re just things”

10-October-2017.  “Anyway, they’re just things.” From this article –