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2 unused wooden closet rods

1-February-2020.  Found a home for (2) unused wooden closet rods.  Was going to post them on the social networking website NextDoor; but a friend saw them and asked…

Protected: possessions

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

what is death cleaning?

What is death cleaning? …. going through belongings & making decisions about them before you die. … Swedish – “dostadning”.  “Do” is death and “stadning” is cleaning.  In…

21-August-2019 - Electronic Canon Typestar 10 typewriter

#deathcleaning – battery operated portable canon electronic typewriter (typestar 10) w/thermal paper

  21-August-2019.  Looking for a home – for my battery operated Canon Typestar 10 electronic thermal typewriter.  Purchased from Berkeley Typewriter in 2018.  Owner Joe Banuelos gifted me…

7-July-2019 - #deathcleaning

#deathcleaning – 56 pc games, 42 movies, 63 music CDs, 3 Playstation games, 1 PSP game

COMPUTER GAMES/LEARNING PROGRAMS (CD) Academic Fitness Tools for Academic Success – Grades 9-12 Arthur’s Teacher Trouble by Living Books Barron’s SAT Subject Test – Literature Creative Wonders Madeline…

Colorado Soundscapes electric kalimba

#deathcleaning – electric kalimba & guitar & bike pannier

2-July-2019.  Using UPS – sent a electric kalimba, electric guitar & bike pannier to my daughter R in Boston.

1980's Japanese made Fender reissue - 69 Telecaster in Pink Paisley

my mid-1980s 69 japanese made fender reissue telecaster in pink paisley & true confessions

  21-March-2019.  Today I confessed to my dear friend Andre Custodio that in the mid-1980s, I bought a Japanese made Fender reissue Telecaster in pink paisley.  The notion…

21-June-2019 - Bridget Canfield - self portrait @59. Camera: Olympus TG-2

unsubscribing from emails

13-March-2019.  Spending too much time deleting emails each day.  Today I purposely unsubscribed from emails.

scanned & shredded (94) old paper documents

gifted (2) glass beer tankards & (2) bottle openers

17-February-2019.  Gifted (2) glass beer tankards and (2) bottle openers.  Glad they are off to a home in need of them.

Vintage wood boring auger drill bits

gifted a set of vintage wood boring auger drill bits

  4-August-2018.  Gifted a set of vintage wood boring auger drill bits.

1988 Winchester bronze 1912 nickel steel lock back pocket knife

gifted a 1988 winchester bronze pocket knife

4-August-2018.  #swedishdeathcleaning.  Gifted a 1988 Winchester bronze 1912 nickel steel lock back pocket knife to GVW.