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groma kolibri typewriter

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//underwood 3 bank standard portable typewriter

On my wish list – Underwood 3 bank standard portable typewriter.  Love the small footprint and glass keys.  Difficult to locate one in good working order.

PostPals - Write to a Sick Child (UK)

postpals – write to a sick child (uk)

30-August-2016.  Wonderful service.  Write to a sick child. PostPals is a service in the U.K. ( where people can write to a seriously ill child. That letter, postcard,…

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child porn/obsenity/child custody >> report violations to the us department of justice

Source – How to Report Violations of: Child Custody and Visitation Child Pornography Child Sexual Abuse Child Support Enforcement Extraterritorial Sexual Exploitation of Children International Parental Kidnapping Obscenity…

US Post Office, Landscape Station, Berkeley, California

donate pens to your local post office

Simple gestures are much appreciated by the staff of our local post offices.  Consider: Donating writing utensils (pencils, pens) Offer to buy a cold drink for your postal…

spread happiness – write a note for the randomnoteproject

22-May-2016. Random Note Project is an impromptu happiness spreading activity started by a girl who thought the world could use a decent pick-me-up. Through RNP, that girl met about…

The World Needs More Love Letters

write to someone in need – the world needs more love letters

22-May-2016.  Wonderful concept.  #supportcommunity by writing love letters to strangers in need of comfort. The world needs more love letters The world doesn’t need another website.   It doesn’t…

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to bring the Muse into your neighborhood is to make a difference in the lives of the people closest to you

22-May-2016. Musas, the Muse, refers to a classical goddess of inspiration, I explain, and thus to bring the Muse into your neighborhood is to make a difference in…

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donate building materials to habitat for humanity – restore

20-May-2016. We greatly appreciate your interest in donating to Habitat for Humanity ReStore! Our stores are committed to maintaining a high level of quality among the products we…

learn to play the mandolin