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* to attend a curling event

collector of keys :: collector of stories past

collector of keys

  Just as photography is documenting a story – keys of yesteryear represents past stories. I have long cherished keys and would love the opportunity to receive your…

a letter to jackson bezzant is forthcoming

11-October-2017.  A student brought this to my attention.  “Dear Tala Z, Thank you for sharing this heart breaking story. By reading this article, I learned about Treacher Collins syndrome,…

officer down memorial page

1-October-2017.  Announcements such as these keep one grounded & is a reminder of the individual sacrifices made for our community and society. Facebook group – Website –

would like to put pen to paper & write a note of thanks to senator john mccain

25-September-2017.  A wish.  To put pen to paper and write a note of thanks to Senator John McCain. Article –

campaign for cursive

15-June-2016.  Heard about this organization on NPR. Campaign for Cursive –

Operation Gratitude -

operation gratitude – saying “thank you” to all who serve

Operation Gratitude – Write Letters to our nation’s heroes! Thank you for your interest in writing letters to our nation’s heroes! We like to include at least 5…

commit five random, conscious acts of kindness every day

Source – A psychologist reveals a simple exercise that can make you happier Eames Yates, provided by Published 3:25 am, Sunday, May 7, 2017 Dr. Alan Schlechter, author of…

visit the hess collection

To re-visit the Hess (Art) Collection in Napa, California.

Chase Private Client Arts & Culture Card 2017

reminder to self – use the chase private client arts & culture benefits card

  Join Us in Celebrating Arts & Culture As one of the many benefits of being a Private Client, you have exclusive access to our Chase Private Client…

200pockets -

Stanford Medicine Letter Project >> Dear Friends & Family >> life review letter

The Stanford Medicine Letter Project Why do a life review? Learn from the wisdom of the crowd! Join many others who wrote to their loved ones using our…

* blue star moms – operation postcard

OPERATION POSTCARD Any card will do, or even an index card with a hand drawn picture on the front and a message on the back. No need to…