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28-Sept-2013 - Love/Peace wooden tokens for songwriter/composer John Nash

resources for musicians & bands

19-July-2019.  Learning/gathering information for artists & musicians. How to promote your show Invite a local artist to partake in your show – Invite a music critic – Social…


 memento = remember |  semper meminero = “I will always remember ADHD – ALISON.COM – free training ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE (2019) – romantic comedy AMTGARD – Barony…

Underwood Standard 3 typewriter

my daily journal – what I am working on

|  the 200pockets editorial photography calendar  |  photo policy explained  | YEAR 2019 14-SEPT-2019 #invitedtophotograph – Photograph Off The Record @Splatter Festival, Dublin, CA. 31-AUGUST-2019 #invited – To…

26-June-2019 - Alameda County Fair 2019, Pleasanton, California. Camera: Canon PowerShot N2

my calendar

 My photography calendar (above & below).  People, places & events I hope to photograph.  Those events highlighted in red are the ones I am hoping to photograph….

2018 - HydeMade Resonator 4-string mandolin

learning mandolin >> hydemade round retro resophonic 4 string acoustic electric mandolin 2018 natural

15-July-2019.  Purchased a Hydemade round retro resophonic 4 string acoustic electric mandolin.  So excited to make the commitment to learn how to play the mandolin. UNIQUE NATIONAL STYLE…

donated 14 photographs of pinole & berkeley, california businesses to google maps

To date I have donated 3862 digital photos to Google Maps via the Google Local Guide program in support of 922 businesses & places. – – – – –…

5-August-2019 - Gifted groceries to my elderly neighbor

gifted my elderly neighbors – groceries

5-August-2019. While grocery shopping at Sprouts (supermarket) in Albany, I found chicken to be on sale. $0.97 per pound. Bought two packages and gifted one to my elderly…

Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter

people & traits I will never admire

I do not admire these individuals. 0.25 cent porn  /  afraid  /  afraid to protect a companion from being groped & attacked by others  /  animal cruelty  / …

2-August-2019 - An evening of making custom 1" buttons

an evening of making custom 1″ buttons

29-July-2019 - Consensual Bop/CBop merch cart

repurposed a child’s garden cart as a merch table display

29-July-2019.  Re-purposed a child’s garden cart (EverEarth Organic Fruit and Veg Cart #EE33610) as a merch table display for the jazz group Consensual Bop. –

29-Sept-2018 - Provided 226 digital images to a local bookseller

provided 59 digital images to a local bookseller

  To date have provided 12,800 digital photos/scans of 3641 books.  Have another 8233 books that need to be photographed. 29-July-2019 – Provided 59 digital images to a…

27-July-2019 - Custom buttons for Consensual Bop (CBOP)

making custom buttons for jazz group consensual bop (cbop)

27-July-2019.  Making custom 1″ buttons for the fans of Consensual Bop (CBOP).  They will be available at their upcoming shows – Sunday, August 4, 2019, 3-5pm.  @Suisun Waterfront…